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The values that we aim at:

  • A good working environment that we can all be proud of.
  • Everybody is doing their best to achieve the research related goals.
  • Professional, social and personal development – within the economic frames.
  • We aim at providing the students with high professional and personal qualities.
  • Openness on all levels.
  • A clear responsibility and competence division.
  • Clear signals from management, mid-level managers and employees.
  • We respect each other.
  • We rely of each other.
  • We help each other.
  • We make room for mistakes.
  • We acknowledge conflicts and we solve them.
  • We are involved in the planning – before the decisions are made – if the solution concerns us.
  • Criticism must be constructive and concerned.
  • Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated.
  • We need to know each other’s expectations.
  • We want to simplify and make things more effective.
  • We fulfill the administrative requests (simplification and clarity is desirable).
  • We all have a responsibility for the working environment

Last Updated 09.08.2023