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Student safety during practicals

In the beginning of 2000 the Faculty of Science and Engineering (as it was then) inaugurated a new strategy for the teaching of Health & Safety to students. Implied in this strategy are three compulsory elements:

  1. A basic "driver's license" (kørekort) course introducing the students to basic safety measures. A pass on this course is required before other practical safety courses may be taken. The Faculty Health & Safety Groups produced this course and teach it during the autumn semester.
  2. Written information about relevant safety measures must be available in all course material covering practical activities. This information can also be useful in other connections. The WPA committee of the Department has decided that the person responsible for the course also bears the responsibility for ensuring that the above is true. The Health & Safety Group has drawn up General Safety Guidelines for laboratory work at The Department of Biology. You are welcome to print out these safety rules. Guidelines for specific activities and equipment have also been written. As an example you can see (Specific security rules for BB73) which can be used as a template.
  3. Specific Health and Safety courses must be produced in order to provide the students with all the necessary tools for working independently and safely in the laboratories. This web page is the Department of Biology's way of fulfilling this third point in the new strategy of the Faculty.

Last Updated 09.08.2023