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Pressure Bottles

For the sake of the fire department, rooms where pressure bottles are being used have to be marked with a sign saying: Pressure bottles to be removed in case of fire

Pressure bottles should stand properly and be secured from tipping by a chain or similar.

Acetylene Bottles:
Acetylene is used in laboratories in connection with AAS, and in workshops for welding. Working with acetylene bottles poses a particular risk, because when acetylene is heated, it can decompose by a self-catalytic reaction. The temperature in the bottle rises, and there is a risk of explosion. 
The bottle can get heated due to flashback from the burner, and therefore, manometers for acetylene bottles should have a so-called check valve attached. 

Should the accident occur, and the decomposing of acetylene begins, do as follows:

•   Leave the room and evacuate the area 
•   Call the fire department


Last Updated 09.08.2023