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At the Department of Biology you can also find several lasers. They are all covered by the safety legislation (see AMI – report no. 30/1990 or later by the Danish Working Environment Authority).

All lasers must be marked with a yellow triangular sign and a square information sign. The safety instructions of the supplier must be followed.

A 20W CW Nd:YAG laser checklist could be:

  • Secure that the admission doors are closed
  • Make sure you have cooling water – check for leakages
  • Remove  inflammable and potentially explosive materials
  • Remove or cover mirror-like surfaces that might reflect the laser beam
  • Use correct eye protection when the laser is on
  • Never look into the direct or reflecting laser beam
  • Keep the laser beam in a level below normal eye level and behind a curtain
  • Have an emergency shutdown prepared
  • Make sure you have a fire extinguisher near by

Last Updated 09.08.2023