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If you are so unfortunate to break a bottle of hazardous chemicals on the floor, you have to start evacuating the laboratory and seal it off. Notify the Buildings Department (6550) 8888 and get a health and safety representative. Assess how to collect the spills and clean the room – read the safety data sheet for the chemical.
Use respirators and granules which can be found in the chemical waste room.

There must always be two persons (wearing respirators, gloves and lab coats) doing the clean-up. Make sure you have the necessary equipment and containers with you for collecting the spills. At the same time, make sure there are people outside the room who can alarm in case the people cleaning, gets sick.   

The granules are sprinkled over the spilled chemical, and then you wait until the chemical (if fluid) is absorbed in the granule. Then you sweep up the granule, and wipe with paper towels. Collect it all in a container and sent it to waste marked in accordance with Fortum Waste Solutions (former Kommunekemi’s) rules and regulations.

Last Updated 09.08.2023