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Lab coat

Lab coats:

It is advisable to wear lab coats when in laboratories. Lab coats protect your own clothes, and are easy to change if you are unfortunate enough to spill stuff. If you work with classified chemicals you must wear a lab coat and keep it fastened.

Polyester lab coats are less sensitive to chemicals than cotton, but cotton doesn't melt and stick to your skin, which polyester can do. You have to choose what type of lab coat to wear. Lab coats used for working with isotopes may only be used for this work, after which it must be washed. If your lab coat gets contaminated it must be treated in accordance with the rules for contaminated waste.

Students must provide their own lab coats before they start on the first practical course. Students wash their own lab coats, but if there is hazardous waste on a coat, it must be properly cleansed here at BI or discarded. Do not take chances, toxic substances should not be dragged home. Used lab coats can be purchased in Bogladen by Campustorv, in SDU Campusvej.

Because of the contamination risk, only Biology's own lab coats may be used for isotope work.

Last Updated 09.08.2023