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First aid kits

The first aid kits contain:

  • For minor injuries: Disinfectant wipes, roll patch, small compress, plasters, fingertip plasters and dederon bandages.
  • For larger injuries: Arm wrap, large compress, tweezer, aluminium blanket, gauze compress, scissor, disposable gloves and a first aid booklet.

First aid kits can be found in the chemical waste room, in the corridors next to the fire extinguishing equipment,in the mailrooms(V9-409a-2 and V11-5011d-1) in the machine shop, in the Sound Communication and Behaviour Group’s shared laboratory(V10-405-2), teaching oasis, and three kits in Kerteminde.

There are first aid kits in the cars.

Furthermore, Niels Møller has an extra kit you can lend when you’re going on excursions.

Servicegroup is responsible that the kits are always full. If you notice that something is missing or about to be used up, please notify them about it.

Last Updated 09.08.2023