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There are special rules and regulations regarding working with isotopes. An isotope committee has therefore been set up which is responsible for ensuring that everyone working with isotopes knows how to do so correctly and safely. This committee comprises Poul BjerregaardHeidi Grøn JensenBirthe Christensen og Annette Duus.

YOU MAY NOT work with isotopes at BI until you have permission from this committee and have received instruction from them. Work involving isotopes must take place in the areas specially designated for this purpose. 

After registration, the relevant documents for working with isotopes can be accessed from E-Learn.

All purchases of isotopes shall be entered into the isotope book.

All waste containing any type of radioactive material shall be disposed of correctly and its quantity and radioactivity entered into the book.

Every day that you work with isotopes, you will clean up the area when you have finished and then test for any remaining radioactivity.

Written reports shall be sent to Poul Bjerregaard.

Last Updated 09.08.2023