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Working Environment

Health and Safety at Work Policy

At the Department of Biology we strive to follow the latest legislation. This is done by composing rules to regulate behaviour, information on function area, emergency equipment and preparedness, and by formulating values and rules on how to treat each other. We are all responsible for creating and maintaining a great working environment.    


At the Department of Biology we want everybody to have a good working environment. Many nationalities are represented here and therefore, the knowledge on working environment and its implements must be communicated in English.   

Laboratories may, despite the handling of dangerous chemicals, not be an unhealthy workplace to be in, in particular vulnerable groups, such as pregnant women, must be protected against risks.    

All workplaces whether it be offices, laboratories, workshops or common area must be ergonomically good, environmentally correct, and individually arranged by its users.      

Furthermore, the Department strives to give the students a great studying environment so that they after having completed their studies, have acquired an academic and personally good “baggage”.

New to the Department

When a new employee or a new thesis student starts at the Department, the person in question will learn about the rules and regulations which apply to the working environment.

With new appointments, the head of department agrees with the new colleague, who is responsible for the learning. When a thesis student starts in the laboratory, it is one of the research group’s lab technicians, who is responsible.

Last Updated 09.08.2023