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Welcome to the department

Facts about the department

Number of employees at FKF:
About 185: including 60 externally financed and about 40 hourly paid employees.

Number of students at FKF:
About 500 distributed across all years and 4 study programmes: Chemistry, Medical chemistry, Pharmacy, and Physics.

Size of FKF:
About 7700 square metres of offices and laboratories.

The objective of the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy (FKF) is to be an interdisciplinary department of high international class. FKF breaks down traditional discipline boarders and aims to develop new technologies and sciences across chemistry, physics, and biology, which is demonstrated by our study programmes and research areas within chemistry, medical chemistry, pharmacy and physics.

FKF is in the process of developing active chemical substances in new exciting pharmaceutical products and drug delivery systems, which might help cure cancer and control HIV. We are among the world’s best at research in modified DNA as well as in the research in the physics of bio membranes, which will help deliver drugs targeted to diseased cells in the body. Furthermore, we host several of Europe’s core activities within the work with chemical and physical methods for simulating the fundamental processes of life. Our researchers in theoretical high energy physics investigate something as basic as the question of how physical mass emerge. Quantitative measurements of FKF’s research in our core competences reveal it to be of the highest international format.

FKF realises that when students choose us, they put not only theirs but society’s future regarding electronic developments and a better environment into out hands. That is why we want to make sure they get the best possible education by attracting leading researchers both from Denmark and abroad who highly prioritize teaching, communication, and collaborating with external partners. Our researchers often win awards for their work and you will see them in “science theatres” and as debaters on panels. The quality of the study programmes ensures that our students are successful after their education. Their experiences with working in multidisciplinary research groups makes them wanted employees in industrial corporations as well as in knowledge and research institutions.

FKF contributes to solving global challenges by local collaboration. Our researchers are working on making a viable world with solutions to everything - from pharmaceutical development and drug delivery, artificial photosynthesis and enzymes to nano sensors, new methods for storing energy and analytical environmental chemistry. All is done in collaborations with external partners.

FKF works hard to be a role model in regards to work environments where the employees and students thrive – a safe work environment is the highest priority at FKF.

Through our hard work FKF wants to ensure that society gets the highest quality of scientific research, education, and communication. FKF is a strong power centre of knowledge and research which results in new innovative companies in the region. FKF hosts new growing enterprises, and it is a goal to increase our cooperation with external partners. We encourage diversity and have an employee diversity which mirrors society as far as possible.