Television features and videos related to The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy

Date Channel/media Title Description
05-06-2013 Science (Discovery Channel) Through the Wormhole: When Does Life Begin? What is life and how does it begin? Actor and television host Morgan Freeman asks Martin Hanczyc from FKF.
20-03-2013 Science (Discovery Channel) Through the Wormhole: Is There a God Particle? (42:54) What is the deal with the Higgs particle and the universe? Actor and television host Morgan Freeman asks Francesco Sannino from CP³-Origins.
18-01-2012 DR2 / Danskernes Akademi The dark side of the universe (12:31) Professor Francesco Sannino from CP³-Origins explains the difference between the dark and bright sides of the universe.
18-05-2011 TED The line between life and not-life (14:38) TED talk about life and not-life by Martin Hanczyc.
09-03-2011 DK4 Eliteforskerne - Francesco Sannino (33:47)

Eliteforskerne ("The Elite Scientists") is a portrait series about the five scientists who received The Ministry of Science's elite researcher award in 2010. The programme contains an interview with each scientist and a description of the research area. (The interview is in English.)

11-02-2010 National Geographic Channel Naked Science: Finding the Origin of Life - Creating Life from Scratch (04:43) Researchers at FLinT are working to understand the origins of life by creating artificial life in the lab.

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