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Transfer spectra to server

1. The program WinSCP3 must be installed on your PC. You cannot just use the shortcut from the server.

2. Save it to your hard drive and install it. You have to click Next to all questions.

3. Open the program WinSCP3

4. Preferences

  • Host name:
  • User name: username for student login (xxx)
  • Password: password for student login
  • Choose Enviroment:
  • Remote directory: /export/home/xxx
  • Local directory: S:\DATA\NMR\Spectre\jan_11\data\service\nmr, (where "jan_11" depends on the months and years).
  • Once set up a new folder to a new month, copy path into the Local directory and press save.
  • Choose Connection: Increase Server response time to 30 seconds. Select Save session as 200 Mhz
5. Transfer 


  • Select Login, it takes time. Press Retry if such a dialog box appears.
  • Choose folders in the right-side window and press F5 for copying. 
  • Folder on the right does not automatically update, use refresh (Ctrl-R) to update the folder's contents.