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Instructions for MS-requisition

Name: Write your name.
Research group: Ex. PON, TUG, EBP, etc.
E-mail: E-mail address if there are any questions.
Initials: 3 characters. Write it also on the sample.
Sample name: Short, like a number. Ex. 302
Date: Date for submission of sample.
Weight: Write the quantity that is in the eppendorf vial (0.1 to 5 mg)
Solvent: Write what the sample is soluble in. This should preferably be MeCN. So try always whether it can be dissolved in MeCN. Otherwise, write something else. The sample should preferably not be dissolved. If there is a solvent the sample must not be dissolved in, please write it.
Acid-sensitive: Important to know because of the LC solvents and the matrix.
Molecular formula: Important if you need accurate mass.
Mw: Enter the average mass, not the exact.
Sample structure: Please draw structure.
Ionization method: Quick decision on ionization method
Accurate mass: Only ESI.

The requisition must be submitted in the folder on the shelf under the correct tab:
ESI, MALDI, EI or ESI with accurate mass
The sample is placed next to.

Once the test is run, you can find the spectrum in the folder on the shelf. Remember to bring the spent tube with you.


Fill out the form here.

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