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Student Council

FKF Student Council - Æter (Ether)

Æter is a student council which represents the students' interests at the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy and arranges social events. Student Council - Æter is housed in rooms  (Ø6-410-1 og Ø6-411-1) and these are ideal for group work.

Jakob Mollerup Benfeldt (chairman)

The student council board:
Jakob Mollerup Benfeldt (chairman)
Frederik Demant Kørris  (vice chairman)
Emilie Møller Andersen (treasurer)

Mathias Simonsen Christensen
Sine Iversholt Olsen
Kristian Winther Knudsgaard
Lea Krarup
Frederikke Lundgaard Thorsen
Sofie Samuelsen 
Lea Kiszka-Kanowitz (Suppleant)