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Student Council

FKF Student Council - Æter (Ether)

Æter is a student council which represents the students' interests at the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy and arranges social events. Student Council - Æter is housed in rooms  (Ø6-410-1 og Ø6-411-1) and these are ideal for group work.

Sine Iversholt Olsen (chairman)

The student council board:
Sine Iversholt Olsen (chairman)
Lau Blom Grøndahl (treasurer)

Emilie Møller Andersen
Kristian Winther Knudsgaard
Lea Krarup
Sofie Samuelsen
Anders Spaanhede Christensen
Bitten Søndergaard Hansen
Jeppe Juhl Christiansen

Last Updated 03.09.2021