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Student council

The Pharmacy Student Association

The Pharmacy Student Association - SDU is an association for all pharmacists and pharmaceutical students at SDU. The purpose of the Association is to create a closer cohesion across the year groups of the pharmacy studies.

The board of the Association is comprised solely of students on the bachelor or master of Pharmacy. Everybody can present themselve as electable at the Annual General Meeting.

The Pharmacy Student Association will organize relevant events for students in pharmacy e.g. "Phamacists in jobs", "The Masters Award", "Pharmacy talks", "Good report writing" and more.


Louise Chau Nguyen (chair)



Board of The Pharmacy Student Association 2020

Louise Chau Nguyen (chair)

Larsa Abuna (deputy chair)

Alexa Vista Berg (book keeper)


Shamin Ibrahim (secretary)

Sofie Tychsen (IT-responsible)

Jeppe Juhl (purchase)

Marielouise Vogn Petersen (party committee)

Stine Bredow Christensen (party committee)


Kamilla Prathapan

Aziza Hashim

Yasmin Mesto

Camilla Andersen

Kristina Alidani

Last Updated 16.03.2020