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Organisational structure

The department consists of the former Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics which were merged as of May, 2006. In 2011 the department was renamed to Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy. The department is located at Campus Odense.

The Organisation diagram for FKF is available in PDF-format by clicking on the picture below.


Conduct of MUS (staff development interview) at FKF

With reference to the FKF organisation diagram, MUS is conducted according to the following principles:

  • Head of Department conducts the MUS with Deputy Heads of Department and Head of Secretariat
  • Deputy Heads of Department conduct MUS with sectional VIPs and Head of Lab Technicians
  • Head of Secretariat conducts MUS with staff in the Common Service section
  • Research group leaders conduct MUS with their own externally funded TAP and Postdoc
  • Head of Lab Technicians conducts MUS with all internally funded members of Lab Technician support team
  • The PhD Committee conducts MUS with all the department's PhDs