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Laboratory practice

  • Prepare for the laboratory task you are about to conduct BEFORE you arrive in the laboratory. This will include:
  • That you read the precepts or instructions.
  • Make sure to locate exits and emergency equipment, so that you can act quickly in case of an accident – for more information see our pages about Emergency management.
  • It is mandatory for everyone to wear lab coat and safety goggles in the laboratory, and these have to be kept away from common areas to avoid that others are subjected to the chemicals.
  • All actions are documented (both pictures, written text and a combination of the two can be used).
  • Surplus chemicals and residues are discarded into the labelled waste containers.
  • When you leave your station/fume hood, it must be either made ready for the next user (clean without traces of chemicals), or a clear labelling and description of the ongoing reaction must be present.

Last Updated 20.05.2022