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Kemibrug, database of chemicals

Kemibrug is a chemical database where you have fast access to toxicological information about chemicals and mixtures of chemicals. An additional aim of the database is to make the best possible use of the collections of chemicals.

The database is located at:
You can retrieve the information in English by clicking on the small Union Jack in the bottom left of the screen. 

Kemibrug is maintained by a group at DTU in Lyngby, and SDU has later joined as a partner.

Everyone at SDU can search for chemicals in Kemibrug and see the directions for use etc. In the institute part, which requires user name and passwords, additional information is available, such as local information, laboratories where the chemical is registered and the stock at the institute.

You can get the user name and password to Kemibrug at your local Kemibrug administrator.


In the search form it is possible to use the name of the chemical or mixture or the CAS-registry number. When searching for ingredients in mixtures, the search field "CASno ingredient or fulltext" should be used.

User guide to Kemibrug for SDU (PDF).

Last Updated 18.05.2021