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Ageing research and the VELUX FONDEN

Ane Hendriksen sets out the VELUX FONDEN’s commitment to supporting ageing research projects that contribute to improving the quality of life for elderly people.

By 2050 the number of people aged 60 or over is expected to more than double from 962 million to a staggering 2.1 billion. Combined with consistently low birth rates, population ageing is poised to transform societies across the globe and demands urgent solutions from policymakers, healthcare providers and employers alike. Against this background, the VELUX FONDEN is committed to supporting ageing research and innovative, interdisciplinary projects that enhance the quality of life of elderly people and inform the care and services they receive.

To this end, in 2017 the Denmark-based foundation allocated DKK 20 million (~€3m) to research exploring medication use and rehabilitation among the elderly, interventions to improve the treatment and survival of older people with cancer, and collaborative ventures between gerontology and the humanities.

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Why has VELUX FONDEN made ageing research one of its priority areas, and how did it choose its four specific focus areas? Ane Hendriksen, the foundation’s executive director, reflects on the VELUX FONDEN’s role in fostering a stronger Danish ageing research community and the contribution it has made to our understanding of the ageing process worldwide. 


Editing was completed: 26.03.2018