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September 20th, 2019 | 14.15 - 19.00 | Venue: Aud. O100

Narrative Medicine in Denmark

How can literary texts and methods improve the education of physicians and health care professionals?

By Human Health, , 6/4/2019

One-day seminar on the potential of narrative medicine – and medical humanities – in Denmark and elsewhere. Keynote lecture by professor Rita Charon from Co­lumbia University and lectures by Danish professors from both Odense and Copenhagen. 

Seminar Program:

Professor Anne-Marie Mai (SDU, Literature) and Assistant Professor Anders Juhl Rasmussen (SDU, Narrative medicine)

An overview of research and teaching in narrative  medicine at SDU.

Professor Rita Charon (Columbia University, Medicine)

In which way and to what extent is narrative medicine  an inter disciplinary practice? How has the field been  consolidated at Columbia, and what are the potentials  of collaboration with SDU?

Professor Helle Ploug Hansen (SDU, Health Care)

In which way can research in creative writing workshops  for people with chronic illnesses be implemented in  courses in narrative medicine?

Professor Kaare Christensen (SDU, Medicine)

How can research in health, treatment and quality of life in  elderly people be implemented in courses in narrative medicine, and vice versa?

Professor Michael Kjær (University of Copenhagen, Medicine)

What are the advantages and challenges of introducing an elective course on aesthetic narratives and ethics in postgraduate medical education at University of Copenhagen?

Panel - Participants: Rita Charon, Anne-Marie Mai, Professor Jens Søndergaard (SDU, Medicine), Astrid Næraa and Kristian Hald (SDU, Medical students)

How can the collaboration between the medical faculty, the university hospital and the faculty of humanities be improved at SDU? Which current ideals in health care like “patient involve­ment”, “empowerment” and “health literacy” can narrative medicine help realize? What are the short­ and long­ term  perspectives of narrative medicine in Denmark? 

Participation by enrolment only. Please register your interest in  attending the seminar no later than august 12, 2019 by using the link:

Participation in the seminar is free of charge.

Sponsored by the project Human Health "Narrative Medicine"

Editing was completed: 04.06.2019