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Lectures and talks

Stockholm Public Health Lecture: Public Health in a time of population ageing, What do we know about the health of the oldest old?

Kaare Christensen: Lecture and panel discussion at The Center for Epidemiology and Community Medicine; Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden; December 5th, 2023.

Longevity-enriched families. How did they succeed?

Kaare Christensen: Invited keynote lecture at Leiden University Medical Center, Feb 21st, 2023.

Narratives and Counter-Narratives of Aging and Old Age

Conference of European Network of Aging Studies of North American Network of Aging Studies; Bucharest [online]; October 1st 2022.

Anne-Marie Mai: Narratives the Inevitable End
Peter Simonsen: Reading Retirement

Which is the healthier sex? - insights from humans and baboons

Kaare Christensen: Speaking at the symposium: Sex Differences in Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease, arranged by the Danish Cardiovascular Academy, Danish Diabetes Academy & Danish Data Science Academy; Sonderborg, September 14-16, 2022.

Longevity enriched families. How did they succeed?

Kaare Christensen: The 9th Ageing Research & Drug Discovery Meeting (ARDD); August 31st, 2022.

Literature and dementia: The use of narrative medicine in dementia care

Peter Simonsen: Speaking at the conference: "Ethics, agency, and personhood in dementia"; Copenhagen, August 18th, 2022.

Longevity enriched families. How did they succeed?

Kaare Christensen: The 9th Ageing Research & Drug Discovery Meeting (ARDD); d. August 31, 2022.

26th Nordic Congress of Gerontology

June 8-10, 2022 Odense, Denmark

Kaare Christensen: Keynote Lecture
Change and Continuity among the Oldest in Society

Peter Simonsen: Keynote Lecture
Old Age in Literature: Continuities and Changes

Anne-Marie Mai:
Ambivalent Endings in Contemporary Danish End of Life-Novels

Troels Mygind Jensen:
The literature old age at the intersection of medical practice and public health - a cross-disciplinary reading of Ane Riel's 'Clockwork'

Nicklas Lund:
Ambivalent Endings in Contemporary Danish End of Life-Novels

Stine Grønbæk Jensen:
The merry widows: lived and gendered experiences of widowhood in the Danish welfare state


Longevity-Enriched Families - How did they succeed?
Kaare Christensen: Notestein Seminar; September 21st, 2021.
Princeton University: Office of Poulation Research


Robustness and resilience across three generations in the Danish component of the Long-Life Family Study

Kaare Christensen: 144th Meeting of the National Advisory Council on Aging: September 15th, 2021.
NACA Meeting: National Institute on Aging


Why do we age so differently?
Kaare Christensen: Institut de Santé Publique: "Recherche et Pratique en Santé publique", Bordeaux, France; October 16, 2019.


An overview of research and teaching in narrative medicine at SDU
Anne-Marie Mai (SDU, Literature) & Anders Juhl Rasmussen (SDU, Narrative Medicine)
In which way and to what extent is narrative medicine an interdisciplinary practice? How has the field been consolidated at Columbia, and what are the potentials of collaboration with SDU?
Rita Charon (Columbia University, Medicine)
In which way can research in creative writing workshops for people with chronic illnesses be implemented in courses in narrative medicine?
Helle Ploug Hansen (SDU, Health care)

How can research in health, treatment and quality of life in elderly people be implemented in courses in narrative medicine, and vice versa?
Kaare Christensen (SDU, EBB)
What are the advantages and challenges of introducing an elective course on aesthetic narratives and ethics in medical education at University of Copenhagen?
Michael Kjær (University of Copenhagen, Medicine)
CONFERENCE: Narrative Medicine in Denmark; University of Southern Denmark, September 12, 2019.

Children, Creativity, Dementia

Peter Simonsen; Take Back Aging: Power, Critique, Imagination. Peterborough, Canada; 28.-31. maj 2019.
CONFERENCE: Trent University


The last years of life: Health, treatment and wellbeing
Kaare Christensen, Jens Søndergaard & Frans Boch Waldorff, March 14, 2019.

When I am an Old Women: Hedonism and Its Discontents
Peter Simonsen, March 14, 2019.
Uses of Literature: Narrative medicine and human health at SDU
Anne-Marie Mai, March 14, 2019.
UCL/SDU Collaborative Symposium: Treatment and Wellbeing in an Ageing Society.
Disciplinary intersections between Literature, Art and Health.  Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS), London; March 13-15, 2019.
SYMPOSIUM: Treatment and Wellbeing in an Ageing Society 


Longevity enriched families. How did they succeed?

Kaare Christensen: 3rd Intervention Aging Conference, Nassau, Bahamas; March 5, 2019.


Nothing to be frightened of?
Peter Simonsen: October 25, 2018.

The Art of Aging
Peter Simonsen: October 12, 2018.

The Precariat in Art and Culture
Peter Simonsen: Workshop at SDU; September 20-21, 2018.

Dementia Literature: History, Forms, Functions
Peter Simonsen: August 2, 2018.

Uses of Art and Culture
Peter Simonsen: Conference, SDU; June 4-8, 2018.

Uses of Literature in the 21st Century
Peter Simonsen: March 2, 2018.

The Usefulness of Dementia Literature
Peter Simonsen: February 20, 2018.

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