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D-IAS Chair co-leading international project that raises DDK 450 million

Kaare Christensen: D-IAS News; October 7, 2019.

How long can humans live?
Anthony Medford, James W Vaupel og Kaare Christensen: The Conversation; May 29, 2019.
Read online: The Conversation

How Long Can We Live?
Kaare Christensen: The Inqueiry; December 10, 2018.
Listen online: BBC - The Inquiry

Can we cheat ageing?
Kaare Christensen: BBC Future; December 10, 2018.
Read online: BBC Future

Lebenserwartung nach neuen Berchningen gestiegen
Kaare Christensen: Der; June 22, 2018.
Read online: Der Nordschleswiger

Age 50, the splendid time of life
Qihua Tan & Kaare Christensen: The Life Times, Beijing, China; May 11, 2018.
Full frontpage news with interviews given after publishing the book: "Age 50, the noon of life" (in Chinese).

Ageing research and the VELUX FONDEN
Ane Hendriksen sets out the VELUX FONDEN's commitment to supporting ageing research projects that contribute to improving the quality of life for elderly people.
EU : Health Europe; March 20, 2018.
Read online: Health Europe

Women are the stronger sex! They're more likely to survive famine, disease and violence
Rune Lindahl-Jacobsen, James W Vaupel, Kaare Christensen et al.
Women live longer than men even during severe famines and epidemics; Zarulli V; PNAS 2018. Pubmed abstract
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