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Life with dementia (Livet med demens – LIDEM) project conducted at SDU develops methods and investigates uses of cultural activities and products for the improvement of well-being of people afflicted by dementia (patients, relatives and professional care givers). This work is led Peter Simonsen. The principal investigator of the whole project is Pernille Tangaard Andersen.

Learn more about LIDEM here.

Affiliated researcher:

Peter Simonsen

Last Years of Life: Late Life Fiction,
this project investigates how literary texts imagine life quality and well-being in the last years of life and how they may give more complicated answers to the question of what a good end of life may look like. It is conducted within The Danish Aging Research Center (DARC) at SDU.

Learn more about Last Years of Life: Late Life Fiction here.

Affiliated researchers:

Peter Simonsen

Nicklas Freisleben Lund


Read like a man (Læs som mand) is part of SDU’s Human Health project, where a team including Marie Elisabeth-Lei Holm and Peter Simonsen investigate how participating in shared reading of literary texts in groups of males aged 65+ effects their life quality and experienced meaningfulness. This project is co-led by  Head of Research at the Danish National Institute for Public Health, Anna Paldam Folker and Peter Simonsen.

Learn more about Read like a man here.

ID – project 

In one of the work packages of Demens ID we explore and test the potential uses of literature and other artistic media in training individuals exposed to dementia in making better ethical decisions in dementia care. We develop methods using literary fiction as tool in ethical decision-making among carers of dementia patients. The interdisciplinary project is led by Sigurd Rønnow at the Danish National Institute for Public Health.

Project is starting in June 2020.


Peter Simonsen

Marie-Elisabeth Lei Holm (from June 1st 2020)


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