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Related projects

Last Years of Life: Late Life Fiction, this project investigates how literary texts imagine life quality and well-being in the last years of life and how they may give more complicated answers to the question of what a good end of life may look like. It is conducted within The Danish Aging Research Center (DARC) at SDU.

Learn more about Last Years of Life: Late Life Fiction here.

Affiliated researchers:

Peter Simonsen

Nicklas Freisleben Lund

Read like a man (Læs som mand) is part of SDU’s Human Health project, where a team including Marie Elisabeth-Lei Holm and Peter Simonsen investigate how participating in shared reading of literary texts in groups of males aged 65+ effects their life quality and experienced meaningfulness. This project is co-led by  Head of Research at the Danish National Institute for Public Health, Anna Paldam Folker and Peter Simonsen.

Learn more about Read like a man here.

Last Updated 11.02.2020