Medical Science (BSc) 

  • B1: Studiestartsopgave  
  • B4: Genetik og videnskabelig metode
  • B10: Forskningsmetodologisk grundkursus

Biology (BSc)   

  • BB512: Population and Evolution
  • BB529: Introduction to Biodemography
  • FF501: First Year Project 
  • BABB501: Bachelor's thesis in Biology

Mathematics (BSc)

  • FF506: Mathematics, Statistics and Physics for Biologists and Pharmacists
  • ST813: Statistical Modelling
  • MM544: Probability Theory

Health Science (MSc)

  • K3: Epidemiology and statistics

Pharmacy (MSc) 

  • Evidence-Based Medicine Use and Biostatistics

Biology (MSc)

  • BB839: Planning and evaluation of biological studies
  • BB810: Research Project I
  • SPBB802: Master's thesis in Biology
  • BB837: Biodiversity: Protection and Management
  • BB844: Field Course in Terrestrial Zoology

Business and Economics (MSc)

  • Demography and Economics

PhD Courses

  • Introduction to Evolutionary Demography
  • Biostatistics I & II
  • Pre-PhD course at the Faculty of Health Science – “Epidemiology and Registry research”


The European Doctoral School of Demography - EDSD

  • Basic Mathematics for Demographers
  • Formal Demography


  • Comparative Approaches in Ecology and Evolution at MPIDR, Rostock    

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