Recent publications from CPop



Colchero, F., R. Rau, O.R. Jones, J. Barthold, D.A. Conde, A. Lenart, L. Nemeth, A. Scheuerlein, J. Schoeley, C. Torres, V. Zarulli, J. Altmann, D.K. Brockman, A.M. Bronikowski, L.M. Fedigan, A. Pusey, T.S. Stoinski, K.B. Strier, A. Baudisch, S.C. Alberts and J.W. Vaupel (2016): "The emergence of longevous populations". Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113(48) E7681–E7690.

 Schöley, Jonas, and Frans Willekens: "Visualizing compositional data on the Lexis surface", Demographic Research 36 (2017): 627-658.

 Rebke, M., P.H. Becker and F. Colchero (2017):  "Better the devil you know: common terns stay with a familiar partner although pair duration does not affect breeding output". Proceedings of the Royal Society B 284:2016.1424.


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