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We need your help in raising the awareness of musculoskeletal disease in Denmark and in securing the funding necessary to continue our research. Large numbers of Danish people suffer due to work disability and involuntary withdrawal from family and leisure activities, and Danish society struggles with the burden of increasing health care costs. Increased funds will enhance the Center’s capacity for translational research to make a difference to the lives lived by more than 20% of Danes who struggle with musculoskeletal disease. 

Some of our translational research and subsequent training programs have been instrumental in changing clinicians’ approaches in primary health care settings to the management of knee and hip osteoarthritis. We believe the very successful GLA:D (Godt Liv med Artrose i Danmark/Good Life with osteoArthritis in Denmark) program that has been rolled out across Denmark in the last two years is just the first of many similar innovative approaches to the management of muscle and joint disease. 

GLA:D’s founder, Professor Ewa Roos, one of the Center’s leaders, received the prestigious Osteoarthritis Research Society International’s Clinical Research Award in 2014 and the Danish Rheumatism Association’s Queen Ingrid of Denmark’s Research Prize in 2014 for her outstanding national and international work in preventing and treating pain, joint injuries and arthritis.




Professor Ewa Roos (second from right) receiving her prize from Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (second from left), Lene Witte, director of the Danish Rheumatism Association (far left) and Mikkel Østergaard, chairman of the research committee at the Danish Rheumatism Association (far right) 

This program was based on many years of our internationally recognised research, culminating in what is now recognised worldwide as ‘best practice’ treatment for people with knee and hip osteoarthritis. Its success has been evident from requests from many parts of the western world to translate the program for use in other countries including Norway, Canada and the USA. 

We seek additional financial support to continue to spread the benefits of this approach to implementing research findings in practical ways throughout Denmark.