Returns to Medical Technologies

Programme coordinator:  N. Meltem Daysal

Over the last few decades, most developed countries experienced an upsurge in medical expenditures. It is widely accepted that changes in medical technologies are the main driver of medical cost growth. Consequently, whether the benefits of medical technologies exceed their costs is of interest to both researchers and policy-makers. In addition, there is growing interest in understanding the presence and extent of treatment heterogeneity in order to better target medical interventions. This research program aims to investigate the impact of a range of medical technologies, broadly defined as pharmaceutical treatments, medical devices and medical procedures. Our work applies rigorous econometric techniques to rich administrative data to establish causal relationships. Below you can find selected examples from on-going projects.

See selected research projects:

  • Breast cancer treatment and socioeconomic outcomes of treated women and their families. Contact: N. Meltem Daysal
  • The impact of antidepressant use on socioeconomic outcomes of treated individuals and their families. Contact: Mircea Trandafir 
  • Spillover Effects of Early-Life Medical Interventions.
    Contact: N. Meltem Daysal
  • Chronic Disease Mangement in Primary Care.
    Contact: Anne Sophie Oxholm



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