Researchers at DaWS

Klaus Petersen, Director of DaWS

Professor, PhD

Research Areas: Welfare state history/The Nordic welfare model/ History and social science

Special Research Focus: Social Democracy and the welfare state/ Difussion and transnational history of the welfare state/ Family Policy/ War and Welfare States/ Pensions and retirement policy/ Concepts and language of the welfare state.

Current projects: War and Social Reform/Danish Social Policy in the Shadow of Nazi-Germany/
The comparative history of the concept “welfare state”/NICE-welfare/"Velfærdshistorier fra kanten"

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 Romana Careja

Assistant professor, Department of Political Science and Public Management

Research Areas: East-West migration/Immigration policies in host and home countries/ Comparative politics/ Transition to democracy and economic transformation of Central and Eastern European countries/ Romanja

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 Heidi Vad Jønsson

Assistant Professor, Postdoc, PhD in History, Department of History

Research Areas: Immigration policy

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 Michael Baggesen Klitgaard

Professor WSR, Department of Political Science and Public Management

Research Areas: Comparative public policy/ Comparative welfare state research/The politics of reforms/ Political institutions/ Political economy

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Anne-Marie Mai

 Professor, Department for the Study of Culture

Research Areas: Litterature/ Values and welfare

Special Research Focus: Contemporary literature/Welfare narratives/ 18th century literature/ Women’s literature/ Literature and medicine

Current projects: NICE-welfare/ "Velfærdshistorier fra kanten"/The history of Nordic Women’s literature/The human Turn/ Humanomics/Welfare narratives

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Paul Marx

Part time professor, Department of Political Science and Public Management

Research Areas: Comparative welfare state and labour market analysis/ Political sociology/ Political economy

Special Research Focus: Political participation and alienation/ Voting/ Preferences/ Inequality/ Social exclusion/ Political socialisation/ Reform politics

Current projects: Technological change and the future of work/The cultural foundations of political preferences/ The psychological and political repercussions of labour market experiences/ Youth unemployment and political socialisation/Economic shocks and the use of antidepressants/ The socio-economic determinants of susceptibility to populist messages

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Anne Hagen Berg

PhD student , Department of History

Research Area: Vaccination Policy

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Jørn Henrik Petersen

Professor, dr. phil., lic.oecon, Department of Political Science and Public Management

Research Areas: The concept of the welfare state/ The history and current challenges to the welfare state

Special Research Focus: The fundamental core values of the welfare state past and present/ Christianity and the welfare state

Current projects: 
"Stemmer i den velfærdspolitiske debat –mænd og meninger i dansk socialpolitik 1960-2014"/ Humanity in the welfare- and competition state/ The philanthropic discussion at the end of the 19th century and its current importance

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Bryan Yasell

Postdoc, Department of History

Research Areas: Literature and Social Change, Vagrancy

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 Peter Simonsen

Professor, PhD, Department for the Study of Culture

Research Areas: European fiction/ Stories of the lives of elders and aging/Stories of precarious and socially vulnerable lives

Special Research Focus: Litterature about elders

Current projects: Alzheimer in fiction/Precarious and socially vulnerable lives in literature and in TV/Litterature and disease stories/Positive hermeneutics/ The utility value of fiction

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Peter Starke

Professor WSR, Dr. rer. pol., Department of Political Science and Public Management

Research Areas: Comparative welfare state research/ Political economy/ Qualitative and mixed methods

Special Research Focus: Politics of welfare state reform/ Globalization and the welfare state/ Policy diffusion/ Interest groups and social policy/ War and the welfare state/ Case study methods

Current projects: War and Welfare/ Interest groups and the comparative politics of social care/ Social policy by other means/ The politics of the German minimum wage reform

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 Pieter Vanhuysse

Professor, Department of Political Science and Public Management

Research Areas: Political sociology/ Comparative political economy/Comparative social policy/ Empirical social justice

Special Research Focus: Welfare and generations/ Intergenerational justice of public policies/ Intergenerational transfers by societies/ Politics of young and old/ Macro-social resilience and sustainability/ Post-communist transitions/ Demographic change and social policy/ Central and Eastern European welfare capitalism

Current projects: From the welfare state to the intergenerational society/ Early human capital policies/ Subject pool effects and prosociality/ Big Five personality traits and welfare attitudes

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Melike Wulfgramm

Associate professor, Department of Political Science and Public Management

Research Areas: Comparative welfare state research/ Outcomes of social policy/ Inequality research

Special Research Focus: Labour market policy/ Subjective well-being and attitudes/ Social inclusion/ Healthcare disparities/ Quantitative methods

Current projects: Welfare State Transformations in the 21st Century: Effects on Social, Economic and Political Inequality in OECD Countries/
Universal healthcare? Linking out-of-pocket payments to income-related inequalities in unmet health needs/ Inequality, Redistribution and the Divergence of Public Opinion

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Cecilie Bjerre

PhD student, Department of History

Project title: Foster care placements in Denmark, c. 1905-1975. (working title)

Discipline: History

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Patrick Fessenbecker

Postdoc, Department of History

Research Areas: Victorian Literature, Literature and the Social, Aesthetics

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Stine Grønbæk Jensen

PhD student, MA history, Department of History

Project title: Contested memories. The history of children in ’care’ in Denmark

Discipline: History

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 Marianne Ulriksen

 Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science and Public Management

Research: Global Social Policy

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Jacob Knage Rasmussen

PhD student, MA history, Department of History

Project title: "Without a history. How previously placed orphanage children and prison inmates meet their past self" (1945-1980).

Discipline: History

Mads Andreas Elkjær

PhD student, Department of Political Science and Public Management 

Research Areas: Inequality, Public Policy

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Thomas Paster

Affiliated Professor, Marie Curie Fellow, Department of Political Science and Public Management                       

Research AreasComparative politics, welfare state politics, business and politics, comparative-historical methodology, historical sociology

Special Research Focus: Comparative analysis of the influence of business interest groups on political decisions in social policy, taxation, and financial regulation, Employee co-determination and corporate governance, Political regulation of profit shifting by multi-national enterprises (G20/OECD BEPS Project), Schumpeterian perspectives on business-politics relations

Current project: The Politics of Social Inequality: Why is Business in Some Countries More Hostile to Social Redistribution than in others?

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Dennis Spies

Associate professor,  Department of Political Science and Public Management

Research Areas: Welfare state, political economy, migration, party politics, electoral research

Special Research Focus:  The consequences of migration for established welfare states, immigrants as voters, the social policy impact of extreme right parties

Current project: Immigrant German election study (IMGES), immigration and welfare state development in classical countries of migration, the international ethnic and immigrant minorities' survey data network (COST  action)

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