Recent Publications on Comparative Methodology

  • Emmenegger, Patrick and Klaus Petersen (2011): “Political Science Seen Through Historians’ Looking Glass: The Case of Electoral System Choice”, Qualitative and Multi-Method Research 9(2): 33-37.


  • Emmenegger, Patrick (2011): “How Good Are Your Counterfactuals? Assessing Quantitative Macro-Comparative Welfare State Research with Qualitative Criteria”, Journal of European Social Policy 21(4): 365-380.


  • Kvist, Jon (2007): “Fuzzy Set Ideal Type Analysis”, Journal of Business Research 60(5): 474-481.


  • Kvist, Jon (2011): “One-Size-Fits-All? Measurement Issues in Medium-N Comparative Welfare State Analysis”, Qualitative and Multi-Method Research 9(2): 20-25. 

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