Social Science Methodology

Scientific Value and Reason 

At the Danish Centre for Welfare Studies (DaWS), we care about social science methodology. We strongly believe that only methodologically sound research has any scientific value. Hence, we go to great lengths to improve social science methodology. At present, our activities in the field of social science methodology can be grouped into two major topics:


Tax-benefit Models

First, several members of DaWS are engaged in the development of tax-benefit micro-simulation models. The main goal of these activities is the development of new measures of the welfare state to improve our understanding of the impact of welfare state reforms on various socio-economic groups.

Tax-Benefit Micro-Simulation Model

For further information contact Klaus Petersen.


Comparative Methodology

Second, the members of DaWS share an interest in comparative methodology. We strongly believe in the value of comparison. However, comparative methodology raises unique challenges. Hence, we are engaged in a multitude of projects to address methodological issues in comparative research.

Comparative Methodology 

For further information contact Peter Starke.


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