Comparative Welfare State Studies

The purpose and heart of Welfare

Danish Centre for Welfare Studies (DaWS) strive to test and advance the newest theories, the most appropriate methods and the best possible data. 
We do this in areas that we think are of outmost importance to appreciate the dynamics of modern welfare state reforms.

Ageing populations, immigration, welfare state popularity, Europeanization and globalization, permanent austerity and – in the last few years – debt crisis are often identified as the most pressing challenges.

We examine how these challenges impact on the politics of welfare as well as in changes of welfare policies. The EU and immigration are among the areas we give high priority.

Inequalities are on the increase and so is the dualization of our societies, albeit in terms of institutions in the labour market or in the social and economic situation of citizens. We examine trends of inequality and how policies alter or enforce such trends. Labour markets, cleavages, job security, and the Nordic welfare model are some of the areas we go into.

Methodologically we advance set-oriented methods and data wise we work on a tax-benefit model allowing profiling and stacking of entitlements across socio-economic groups.

Research areas:

Immigration and the Welfare State

Contact: Romana Careja

Labour Market Policy

Contact: Paul Marx

Nordic Welfare Models

Contact: Klaus Petersen


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