The DaWs Working Paper Series is published by and edited at the Danish Centre for Welfare Studies (DaWS) at the University of Southern Denmark. It aims to advance academic knowledge in comparative welfare states and public policies by providing advance access to promising new theoretical and empirical research in poltical science, political economy, sociology and history.

Series Editor: Pieter Vanhuysse (
Editorial Board: Romana Careja, Heidi Vad Jønsson, Peter Starke and Melike Wulfgramm.


Goerres, Achim & Mads Meier Jæger (2019). The Gender Difference on Preferences for Redistribution: Testing a New Model in a Gender-Egalitarian Context.

Kemmerling, Achim & Kristin Makszin (2019). Excessive Policy Volatility: A Framework with Some Applications from the Field of Pension Reforms.


 Martin, Cathie Jo & Tom Chevalier (2018). What We Talk about When We Talk about Poverty.

Císař, Ondřej & Kateřina Vráblíková (2018). Political Cleavages in Party and Protest Politics: Evidence from East-Central European Democracies.

Gal, Robert Ivan & Judith Monostori (2018). Measuring Economic Sustainability and Intergenerational Fairness: A New Taxonomy of Indicators and Implications for Policy.


Pfau-Effinger, Birgit (2017). Cash and Care. The historical introduction of capitalist logic into family life.

Streeck, Wolfgang (2017). Between Charity and Justice: Remarks on the Social Construction of Immigration Policy in Rich Democracies

Jakee, Keith & Daniel Béland (2017). Sweden's Welfare State Crisis, 1992-93: Analyzing the Public Debate Using Contemporaneous Interviews with Leading Social Scientists.

Schmitt, Carina (2017). From Means to Ends: Linking Social Protection to Outcomes in Global South.

Busemeyer, Marius & Julian Garritzmann (2017). The effect of economic globalization on compensatory and social Investment policies compared: A multi-level analysis of OECD countries.

Linde, Jona & Barbara Vis (2017). The uncertainty of welfare retrenchment's electoral consequences.

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