Invitation to ANT Workshop: ANT Across the Disciplines - Sept 21, 2017

Speakers: Anders Blok (University of Copenhagen) - Antoine Hennion (MINES ParisTech, PSL Research) - Ben Highmore (University of Sussex) - Casper Bruun Jensen (Osaka University) - Heather Love (University of Pennsylvania) - Marianne de Laet (Harvey Mudd College) - Rita Felski (SDU) - Stephen Muecke (University of Adelaide)


University of Southern Denmark

Meeting Room:

Sky, Campus Kollegiet, Campusvej 1, 14 floor, 5230 Odense M

 SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 - 9.15 AM - 5.30 PM


This workshop will explore what happens to actor-network-theory as it moves from its original home in STS through the social sciences into the humanities.

How is ANT changing as it is taken up in new fields of inquiry? What are the benefits and costs of such translations? We are especially interested in the recent uptake of ANT within traditionally text-based or work-based disciplines such as literary studies and art history and the challenges this raises. However, the workshop will address a broad range of issues relating to disciplines, method, interdisciplinarity, and ANT.


There will be four sessions consisting of two twenty-minute papers, with each paper followed by discussion. This event is a workshop rather than a conference; papers can be presented informally and all participants are expected to contribute actively to the day-long conversation. 


So that there is a shared knowledge base, participants are asked to prepare for the workshop by reading two essays:


Participation is by enrolment only. Please register your interest in attending the workshop by August 30, 2017 by using the link:


Participation in the workshop is free of charge.


For enquiries please contact Pernille Hasselsteen:


Rita Felski



September 21, 2017


9.15 AM

Welcome (Rita Felski, SDU)


9.30-11.00 AM

Anders Blok (University of Copenhagen): Chaos of (In)disciplines? The Shifting Figures of Knowledge in Bruno Latour

Heather Love (University of Pennsylvania): “The Sciences are the Humanities”: Care, Concern, and the Matter of the Disciplines





Antoine Hennion (MINES Paris Tech, PSL Research University): From Pragmatism to Instauration:  A Sociology of the “Work-to-be-done

Rita Felski (SDU): Being Diplomatic


LUNCH BREAK (Lunch by invitation only)


2.00-3.30 PM

Stephen Muecke (University of Adelaide): Realising Networks through Ethnography

Casper Bruun Jensen (Osaka University): Disciplinary Translations: Remarks on Latour in Literary Studies and Anthropology




4.00-5.30 PM

Ben Highmore (University of Sussex): Quasi-Objects and Domestic Worlds, or What ANT can do for Design History

Marianne de Laet (Harvey Mudd College): Sniffing on a Leash; Methodological Reflections on where Body Boundaries End


Information about the workshop "ANT Across the Disciplines" and the Workshop Schedule as a Pdf-file.

































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