Body language - a grammar to nonverbal communication

Target group: 

Employees, presenters and lecturers who wish to enhance their presentation skills and body awareness.


The body language is twofaced: We can read the verbal communication and find out how it is related to our body language. We can find out if there are any double messages, and how the body supports our words.

But the body is not just a communication machine; it does something to you, as a teacher. The way you act with your body does something to your mental and emotional processes. An active body language energises mental processes. No wonder that Aristotle walked in big open parks with his students to release the mental and cognitive processes.


Through different presentation experiments we will study the language of the body, and find out how your verbal communication is related to your voice, gestures and posture.

You will get personal response on your body language, and become more aware of how your body language and culture are interwoven in each other.

You will be asked to prepare a three minutes verbal presentation to be used in the course. It should be presented without any powerpoint or written material as a popular science presentation - an appetizer to your expertise.

Number of seats:  



Johan Borghäll, Associate Professor


1 day

Additional information: 

The course may be included as an open course in the Lecturer Training Programme counting for 1/2 ECTS.

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