Mission statement

Advances in the understanding of second language acquisition (SLA) are increasingly relevant in a globalised and multilingual world. SELC aims to

  • Promote and coordinate research on second language use and learning conducted at the University of Southern Denmark
    Work collaboratively with national and international research partners and networks
  • Organize nationally and internationally oriented seminars, workshops, colloquia and conferences on topics covered by the research profile of the center
  • Provide a setting for visiting scholars and PhD students to carry out research on a short or long-term basis
  • Promote and develop ways to combine basic and applied research within the fields of L2 learning and L2 pedagogy
  • Develop strong, research-based teaching practices within its fields of expertise, i.e. applied linguistics, social interaction, language and cognition, language learning and pedagogy, and the foreign languages taught at SDU
  • Promote and coordinate curriculum development in the foreign language study programs offered by the two collaborating departments
  • Contribute to the further education and training of L2 practitioners (teachers, audiologists etc) through seminars, courses, conferences etc.
  • Contribute to the on-going debate concerning bilingualism and multilingualism in Denmark

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