Embodied Technology Build up

SDU Design has identified "Embodied Technology" as an emerging field that promises to revolutionise IT as we know it today. Thus, alongside the environment of existing disciplines we will establish a technology oriented research discipline. This discipline will grow organically as we develop networks and competence in a close collaboration between the researchers of the Institute of Design and Communication's IT Group and the Mads Clausen Institute of Product Innovation's Interaction Design unit. This competence will enable us to later establish an IT bachelor programme in collaboration between the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Humanities.

The physical boundaries between humans and technology is increasingly interweaving and blurring. Technology from a traditional sense can be physically separated from the body (for example telephones), integrated in the body (for example a pacemaker), or serving as extensions of the body (for example glasses). Emdodied IT explores and investigates cutting edge technology and applications that relate to the blurry boundaries between the human body and technology from a range of viewpoints, such as philosophy and humanities, engineering and product design, and interaction design and marketing.

Topics include:

  • Welfare. Monitoring the condition of the human body, semi-autonomous systems can support the bodily condition or ensure healing processes
  • Micro-sustainability. The bodily movement can be utilized by micro energy-harvesting systems that transform kinetic movement into energy
  • Communication. Think of glasses with integrated screens, wearable communication technology, or even bodily integrated communication technology
  • Tourism. Embodied IT provides the opportunity to create services for tourists to provide information and inspiration about locally experienced places
  • Bio-mimicry and bionics. Nature has a very rich range of sensors and actuators that could be explored and inspire new product development
  • Fashion. The fusion between technology and fashion is still in its infant shoes – bringing technology close to haute couture fashion or even mass produced fashion can open up a new area of research
  • Theatre. Embodied IT can provide opportunities to support entertainment

Contact: Robb Mitchell,

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