Open Space

Open Space means organizing the agenda on the spot. The people present bring in their proposals for the agenda, and we organize the meetings around the proposed themes

The idea behind the meeting format is that nobody can predict the most important themes upfront, and consequently it is much more productive to organize the agenda around what the people present at that actual moment find most important.

The format includes one rule – vote with your feet. This means that people have to move from the actual group they are part of if they think that  something more important might be going on elsewhere. Similarly people can also create new themes later.

This Open Space started with a presentation of the current situation of SDU Design, including a report of what has happened in the two seed projects that have been running in the fall 2013 and a presentation of the research agenda of the Design School, Design2Innovate and Design2Network. Before lunch people were asked for themes to discuss, and three rounds were created in which the proposed themes were discussed. The first round also served as lunch.

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