Theatre Lab

Theatre is about human relationships, how people act with one another, and this is key to what Theatre Lab can offer to the students and researchers in SDU: A possibility to explore and experience in a playful way what we might else be just talking about.

Theatre Lab is a new part of SDU Design since September 2014. The idea of Theatre Lab is not to do projects on it’s own or to create theatre performances, rather it’s an invitation to explore what theatre methods, involving the intellect as well as the body and emotions, can offer to research projects and the teaching going on in SDU. Today we distinguish between theatre as performance and applied theatre, which is using the knowledge, skills and methods from theatre to work in business, education and research.

Theatre Lab has so far been teaching innovation, tourism and business communication to name a few. It’s also been used to explore the challenges students have experienced when working in groups and when making interviews and presentations to external stakeholders. We’ve used other theatre methods in conferences involving the conference participants and in working with companies and public institutions, who have shown an interest in design methods. Theatre Lab is currently involved in 3 research projects.

Contact: Preben Friis,

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