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Design research is closely related to the production of artifacts – Design Thinking really only works if accompanied by Design Doing! Hence SDU Design is establishing lab facilities for students and researchers.

In an environment dominated by human sciences and social sciences it is a bit of a challenge to encourage a culture of skilled use of materials, og machining and electronic prototyping. We take two approaches to this:

A Fablab is planned as an open facility that appeals to students and researchers as well as entrepreneurs from outside the university.

Several Design Tings are under development to support design education and research in regular teaching spaces in the new building. ‘Ting’ comes from the old Nordic language and has a double meaning of both ‘things’ and ‘to negotiate’. A Design Ting is a small depot of stuff and tools that can easily be employed to create, discuss, negotiate, tinker new ideas and new meaning.

Contact: Jacob Buur,

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