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Writings from the Center of Narratological Studies is a peer reviewed book series. The peer review is performed prior to publication by an external, skilled researcher within the field of interest. The series is edited by Per Krogh Hansen.

Most recent volume (Vol. 5): Krogh Hansen, P., Skov Nielsen, H., Slot Grumsen, S., Andersen Kraglund, R. (eds.) (2017). Expectations. Writings from the Center of Narratological Studies, 5. Medusa. More.

In decades, literary critics have raised questions about how to interpret authorial intention and how to understand the reader’s participation in the construction of the text’s meaning. How connected are writing and reading? Why do readers respond differently to the literary signs? Does the reading depend on the reader’s own experiences, individual feelings, personal associations or on conventions of reading, interpretive communities and cultural conditions? This volume brings together narrative theory, fictionality theory and speech act theory to address such questions of expectations and intentionality in relation to narrative and fiction.

Earlier volumes (Vol. 1-4):

Vol. 1: Per Krogh Hansen & Marianne Wolff Lundholt, Eds.: When We Get to the End ...: Towards a Narratology of the Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen (2005)

Vol. 2: Marianne Wolff Lundholt: Telling without Tellers: The Linguistic Manifestation of Literary Communication in Narrative Fiction (2008)

Vol. 3: Per Krogh Hansen, Ed.: Borderliners: Searching the Boundaries of Narrativity and Narratology/Afsøgning af narrativitetens og narratologiens grænser (2009)

Vol. 4: Marianne Wolff Lundholt, Ed.: Fortælling i virksomhedens tjeneste: Corporate Storytelling som kommunikationsredskab (2011)

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