Faculty and Associates


Jette Ernst. Assistant Professor. More.

Per Krogh Hansen. Associate Professor. More.

Klarissa Lueg. Associate Professor. More.

Marianne Wolff Lundholt. Associate Professor. Head of Centre. Please issue your centre-related inquiries to: More.

Birgitte Norlyk. Associate Professor. More.


Student Assistants(editorial support CLAW)

Benjamin Bosman Knutsson Eg


Network and International Associates

Ann Starbæk Bager. Assist.Prof. Aalborg University. More.

David Boje. Regents Prof. New Mexico State University. More.

Sanne Frandsen. PostDoc. Lund University. More.

Astrid Jensen. Assoc. Prof. University of Southern Denmark. More.

Peter Kastberg. Full Prof. Aalborg University.

Susanne Kjærbek. Assoc. Prof. Roskilde University. More.

Timothy Kuhn. Assoc. Chair. University of Colorado Boulder. More.

Cindie Maagaard. Assoc. Prof. University of Southern Denmark. More.

Anke Piekut. Assoc. Prof. University of Southern Denmark. More.

Hanna Sofia Rehnberg. Assoc. Prof. Södertörns University Stockholm. More.

Marita Svane. Assoc.Prof. Aalborg University. More.

Trine Johansen. Assoc.Prof. Aarhus University. More.

Maria Laakso. Postdoc. University of Tampere. More.

Cooperation and research-based transfer

Brandbase. Science-practice network. More.


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