What we organize

Summer School Programs

Narratives in and around organizations. (2018) University of Southern Denmark. Kolding. M. Lundholt, P. Hansen, K. Lueg, C. Maagaard, D. Boje.  

Ph.D. Course

Organizational research: Introduction to theory and methods (2019, spring semester, 1 ECTS). SDU Kolding. K.Lueg, P.Kastberg.

Narrative and counter-narrative (2018, fall semester, 1 ECTS).SDU Kolding. K.Lueg,P. Krogh Hansen, M. Lundholt, M.Bamberg. Register here.

Executive Education

Consulting: Communication. (2018, fall semester) Certification by SDU Kolding. Join us in this program on consulting tasks in management and communication. Program description (Danish only).

Visiting Researchers

The CNS welcomes visiting scholars from various disciplines and backgrounds well versed in researching and applying concepts of narrative and counter-narrative,  or discourse analysis, in a broader sense. PhD students are welcome to apply as Visiting PhDs.

Visitors to CNS:

David Boje, Regent Professor, New Mexico State University

Michael Bamberg, Professor, Clark University

Transfer and Cooperation

The CNS is in close and permanent dialogue with several regional and (inter)national business and network partners. One of the pillars helping us bridge the way to organizational practice is Brandbase. Please find practicioner outlets, frequently portraying our work here.



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