Center for Narratological Studies (CNS)

The Center of Narratological Studies (CNS) is a faculty-grounded research unit, and an interdisciplinary, international research network, located at the University of Southern Denmark, Kolding. Our purpose is exploring narrative in all its aspects, with an interest both in empirical and theoretical issues. As a group, we collaborate on common projects, but also work and publish individually and with further associates. Our associate scholars and we specialize in diverse research areas, but share a common interest in how narratives, oppositional counter-narratives, in particular, inform and influence social interaction and structure.

We draw on classical and contemporary social and cultural theory to pursue research questions pertaining to how agents, by means of discursive encounters, construct and shape their contexts, and how, vice versa, dominant contextual narratives impact on agents. Centrally, the CNS has an interest in organizational studies, reaching from research into management-employee interaction in corporations, to studying professional and organizational developments in public higher education or health organizations, inter alia. We offer workshops and seminars, and engage in lecturer exchange and conferences.


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