Professor Iris Shagrir
The Open university of Israel

Iris Shagrir is associate professor of history at the Open University of Israel. Her research focuses on the central Middle Ages, specializing in crusade history, religious and cultural history of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, pilgrimage, liturgy in the Latin East and medieval anthroponymy. Her current research project on the urban development of Jerusalem in the 12th century aims at a reconstruction, chronologically and spatially, of Jerusalem as a religious and urban centre. Her publications include Naming Patterns in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (Oxford, 2003), The Crusades: History and Historiography (Hebrew, The Open University, 2014) and articles in Crusades, Revue Belge de Philologie et d'Histoire, Al-Masaq and the Journal of Medieval History.  In 2015-2017, she will be a member of a research group entitled "Liturgy and Art as Constructors of Cultural Memory in the Middle Ages" in the Mandel-Scholion interdisciplinary Research Center in Humanities at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Alan MurrayDr Alan V. Murray
University of Leeds

Alan Murray is senior lecturer in Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds and editorial director of the International Medieval Bibliography. His earliest research dealt with the composition of the First Crusade, the origins of the Frankish nobility in Outremer, and the political history of the kingdom of Jerusalem. Subsequently his work has expanded to encompass crusading warfare and logistics, vernacular literature of the crusades, and the Christianisation of the Baltic lands. His research is especially informed by prosopographical approaches as well as questions of pragmatics. He is the author of The Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem: A Dynastic History, 1099–1125 (2000) and The Franks in Outremer: Studies in the Latin Principalities of Syria and Palestine, 1099-1187 (2015) as well as over 50 essays on diverse aspects of crusading. He has edited The Crusades: An Encyclopedia (2008) and five volumes of collected essays. He is a co-editor of the specialist journal Medieval Prosopography and general editor of the publication series Outremer: Studies in the Crusades and the Latin East.


Confirmed Roundtables

  1. Dr Benjamin Weber, roundtable on: The Uses of the Word ’Crusade’ in Medieval Times.

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