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If you have proposed a paper and/or a session before the deadline of 10 January, you should by now have received a notice of approval.
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By June 1216, various preparations had begun for the numerous crusading expeditions inspired by the Fourth Lateran Council in November 1215. These would set out in the following years, targeting all frontiers of the Latin World fuelled by the spirit of the Lateran council and urged on by the might and the organisation of the papal see. Iberian crusades against Muslims in Portugal and Spain, the Baltic crusades towards Livonia and Estonia, and the Middle Eastern crusades towards Acre and Egypt – together these and other theatres of war illustrate the diversity of crusading, which has been chosen as the general theme of this conference.

As in previous SSCLE-conferences, members  - and non-members - of the SSCLE are encouraged to present papers on any aspect of the crusades and the Latin East. Proposals for full sessions as well as individual papers are welcome. Session format will be one and a half hour with three papers of c. 20 minutes offering time for questions and discussion.

Please submit your proposal with a 250 word abstract before the deadline, 1 December 2015.

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