18. december 2009
Does Turkey Turn East? - by Dietrich Jung PDF-dokument
The essay discusses recent changes in Turkey’s foreign policy behavior. It is based on a review of Graham Fuller’s book The New Turkish Republic, which was published by the International History Review in March 2009. Dietrich Jung argues that the signs of independent foreign policy making by Ankara should not be understood as a “turn to the East”. Rather, Turkey’s new role in international politics is dependent on the country’s institutional integration in the West.

29. november 2009
The EU’s pragmatic bilateralism in the Middle East: the case of Jordan - by Peter Seeberg PDF-dokument
This paper was presented at the conference “Re-inventing the Mediterranean? The Middle East and Europe after Lisbon and Union for the Mediterranean”, University of Southern Denmark, 2-3 December 2009. Taking the limited success of the Barcelona process as point of departure it is the ambition of the paper to discuss the recent developments as to the political and institutional relations between Jordan and the EU.

2. november 2009
Essay: Charles Tilly and the Resilience of Authoritarianism. War and State in the Middle East - by Dietrich Jung PDF-dokument
This paper was presented at the international workshop on “State-Formation Research in an Post-Tilly Era” organized by Lars Bo Kaspersen and Jeppe Strandsbjerg at Copenhagen Business School, October 2-3, 2009. With reference to the Middle East, this essay takes up the more general question of the workshop as to which extent Charles Tilly’s thesis on war-making and state-making applies to the building, consolidation and/or decay of contemporary states.

8. October 2009
Peter Seeberg is reviewing Göran Larsson (ed.) Islam in the Nordic and Baltic Countries PDF-dokument
The ambition, with Islam in the Nordic and Baltic Countries, of presenting a comprehensive and detailed study of the history, context and development of Islamic institutions and Muslim groups in the Nordic and Baltic countries, is highly relevant. The volume contains many interesting observations and reflections, but all in all the volume is too heterogeneous both as to content, academic level and documentation.

5. maj 2009
Analyse: Dreaming of a "free Palestine": Muslim Youth in Germany and the Israel-Palestine Conflict - af Götz Nordbruch PDF-dokument
Konflikten mellem Israel og Palæstina er blevet et metafor, der legitimerer muslimsk sammenhold mod uretfærdigheder i almindelighed. I Tyskland er "Palæstina" blevet en identitetsmarkør for muslimsk ungdomskultur og symboliserer en fælles front mod diskrimination af muslimer og angreb på islam.  

17. april 2009
Forelæsning: “The Middle East as a Problem” - Personal Encounters, Academic Approaches, and Directions of Research - af Dietrich Jung PDF-dokument
Hvordan håndteres det moderne Mellemøsten i en akademisk sammenhæng? Dette var det centrale spørgsmål i Dietrich Jungs tiltrædelsesforelæsning 27. marts 2009 i forlængelse af hans udnævnelse som professor ved Center for Mellemøststudier pr. 1. januar.
(Artiklen er engelsksproget)

30. marts 2009
Analyse: The EU Accession Process of Turkey: Questions about Conditionality, Impact or Prejudice - af Dietrich Jung PDF-dokument
Hvorfor er Tyrkiets vej mod EU så vanskelig? Er det EU's betingelser, Tyrkiets medlemskabs mulige indflydelse på Unionen, eller er det europæiske fordomme, der står i vejen for Tyrkiets EU-medlemskab?

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