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One of DJUCO Partnership's goals is to contribute to the development of the Jordanian knowledge society. It is our conviction that the future knowledgesociety should be built by the Jordanian youth. By working with Jordanian university students we have detected that there seems to be a lack of practical and innovative content in most of the universities' programs. And by working with Jordanian private companies we have also detected, that most of them have a demand of self-sufficient and creative employees. To meet these demands, DJUCO Partnership - along with one of its Jordanian partners, LOYAC Jordan - have decided to do innovation camps to give students the opportunity to learn innovative and creative skills to be implemented in their future careers. Below you can read about our first three innovation camps, which were held in January 2014, January 2015 and most recently in February 2016. 

February 2016 

 Engaging in innovation and creative thinking, Jordanian students and undergraduates prepare for future jobs

For the third time The Innovation Camp 2016, was organised by DJUCO (Danish Jordanian University Cooperation) and LoYAC Jordan (Lothan Youth Achievement Center). The overall aim of Innovation Camp  is to provide young Jordanian students and recent graduates with different tools and skills for their future jobs. These new skills are meant to help the Jordaninan students meet the demands from the job market. 

The first day of the Innovation Camp revolved around the case presented by Amin Kawar & Sons, and assessing what the main problems were. The overall problem in the case was how to pass on knowledge from one generation to another within the firm. 

The entire Innovation Camp was organised into six different stages: Kick-off, The User, Technology, Ideation, Create and Pitch. The students were challenged in different ways and areas depending on the stage of the workshop. The students touched upon all aspects of solving a problem, in a work related setting, by using these different stages. 

On the final day of the Innovation Camp the students presented in groups their solutions to representatives from HR and the financial department of Amin Kawar & Sons as well as the trainers of the camp. 

When asked, if she would recommend participating in the Innovation Camp to her friends, Noor Suwwan answered “Absolutely!” and told how much she had gained from the workshop and overall enjoyed participating in the Innovation Camp.

For more information on the Innovation Camp 2016 you can read an article in danish or watch pictures on Facebook. 

January 2015

Creative Solutions at the 2015 Innovation Camp impressed BioLab 

From January 22nd to January 24th LOYAC Jordan and DJUCO Partnership hosted our second Innovation Camp in order to deal with the huge problem of graduate unemployment in Jordan. Twenty-six students and recent graduates participated in the three-day camp at Olive Branch Hotel in Jerash.

This year BioLab provided two business cases for the participants: One that dealt with how BioLab could reach a larger market segment and one that dealt with BioLab’s mobile application services.

After creating innovative solutions for three days in Jerash, the six groups went back to Amman and tweaked their solutions. On the 7th of February, the participants presented their ideas and how they would implement them in front of panel consisting of the executive management team of BioLab. Two groups were rewarded for their ideas. The panellists were happy with the level of commitment and devotion the students showed towards developing their ideas. Also, emphasized the great energy and synergy among the group members.

As Reem El-Saqqa, Administrative Manager at BioLab, said: “I’m so proud of each and every single one who participated: The ideas were amazing – very innovative and creative…”

For more information on the camp, you can read an article from the Danish Arab Partnership Programme (N.B. in Arabic), watch a short film, and see photos on Facebook.

January 2014

The energy was high when 30 university students were solving problems for Maersk and Pharmacy One in a three day case competition.

From the 24th to 26th of January, DJUCO Partnership along with its Jordanian partner LOYAC (Lothan Youth Achievement Center) held its first Innovation Camp.

During the three-day camp, 30 university students from all areas of Jordan and with different educational and social backgrounds were brought together to learn how to work innovatively and use their diverse academic knowledge to solve real business cases provided by Maersk Line Jordan and one of Jordan’s leading pharmacists companies Pharmacy One.

Before the camp the Danish company Innovation Lab conducted a training of trainers for a group of students teaching them how to work with innovation, through 5 easy stages. The role of the trainers during the camp was to support the groups and guide them as they went through the different stages of the innovation model. This included finding the target group, researching the company and its customers, developing ideas and solution, creating prototypes and finally presenting their solution to the managerial staff at Maersk Line and Pharmacy One.

The participants found the innovation model interesting and relevant, and as one of the participants put it “innovation is the ability to think creatively and to solve problems”. Another saw innovation as a tool for simplifying difficult problems, “making everything as simple as possible”. While a third participant emphasized the importance of teamwork and cooperation “teamwork is such an easy way to be an Innovator”.

The aim of the camp was to prepare the students for the labour market and life after university by helping them to apply their academic skills on real challenges and teaching them how to solve real business challenges with innovative solutions and teamwork.

You can watch a short video and you can also read an article published in the DAI Newsletter (in Danish) about the camp, and see pictures on Facebook.

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