DJUCO Student Network

DJUCO Student Network (DSN) was established in August 2014 and is the output of the merging of DJUCO Student Forum and DJUCO Alumni Network.

DSN has two goals:

1) To provide undergraduate students and fresh graduates with knowledge and soft skills that make them as prepared as possible for the labour market. Jordan has a high percentage of youth unemployment and students often do not possess the experience, knowledge, or skills needed to obtain a job after graduation. The DSN aims at bridging this important gap.

2) To help the students detect the issues student face at their universities and work along their side - together with university staff - to find and propose ideas for solutions.

DJUCO Partnership's interns plan and organise the activities along with the DSN's volunteers, who are Saif Al-Laham, Zaina Foudeh, Wafaa Massad, Saja Abu Omar, and Abdallah Maher.

Over the past term they have helped organise different events including a “Students in Dialogue meeting” at Hashemite University (Wafaa, Abdallah, Saja, and Saif), a Debate Club November 2014 (Zeina) and DJUCO Partnership's 2nd Innovation Camp which was held January 17-19, 2015 in cooperation with LoYAC Jordan (Saja and Saif).

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and the news on this website to find out which activities DSN is implementing in the nearby future.

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