The first year with the Arab Spring


It is the purpose of this conference to analyze relations between the Middle East and Europe in the context of the Arab Spring and the developments in 2011. The conference will deal with the issue from a political perspective analyzing the regional developments since the start in Tunisia in December 2010 and the unexpected developments in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria etc. It is the ambition of the conference to present research based analysis of different aspects of the Arab Spring of significance for the development in the region in the coming years.

Furthermore the conference will focus on relations between the MENA-region and the EU after 2011. The overall political consequences of the Arab Spring for the Euro-Mediterranean relations will be analyzed. And added to that the conference will discuss if Europe with its institutional constraints and internal political contradictions is creating a security gap for itself in relation to the Middle East.

Finally the conference will take a step outside the tangible political analysis and discuss theoretical perspectives related to the Arab Spring. Taking its point of departure in the discussions about why “Middle East Studies” missed the Arab Spring, the conference will discuss how the new developments in the Middle East challenge our interpretations of the Middle Eastern reality.

The conference was organized by the Center for Contemporary Middle East Studies, University of Southern Denmark and the Faculty for International Studies, University of Jordan

Practical Organizers:

Professor Mohammad Masalha, University of Jordan
Associate Professor Peter Seeberg, University of Southern Denmark
Associate Professor Zaid Eyadat, University of Jordan
Assistant Professor Hassan Al Momani, University of Jordan
Project Manager Stephan Reinemer, University of Southern Denmark

Venue: Faculty for International Studies, University of Jordan, 27 & 28 November 2011

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